Irvine Branch

Vice presidents
Eunice Kim (Beckman High, 12th)
James Hwang (Northwood High, 12th)
Jessica Lee (Northwood High, 12th)
Justin Park (Northwood High, 12th)

Fullerton Branch

PresidentsVice Presidents
Joanne Kwon (Troy High, 12th)
Helen Ko (Northwood High, 12th)
 Sally Yoon (Beckman High, 12th)

 Programs of SVO
  • Gala Show: Dinner for the hard working doctors, nurses, and office sectaries that volunteer at in the Livingstone CDC clinic. The student volunteers perform their talents to show appreciation to the volunteers.    2011 Gala
  • Food Bank: Student volunteers organize the donated foods and help box them for them to be delivered to the families in need.
  • Homeless Dinner: Student volunteers serve dinner and play music to the homeless.
  • American Indian Village: Student volunteers go to Pauma Valley to interact with the La Jolla tribe and donate food, clothes, and toys to the village.
  • Art Therapy: Student volunteers interact with mentally disabled by arts and crafts to enhance mental health.
  • Music Therapy: Student volunteers use music to help the mentally disabled to enhance mental health by creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music.
  • Grant Writing Team: This team writes articles and essays about Livingstone CDC to gather grants from the government for the non-profit clinic.
  • Guest Speaker Team: Organizes and gathers influential speakers to talk to the young student volunteers.
  • Fundraising Team: Organize fundraising ideas and events to gather money for Livingstone CDC.
  • Publication Team: To organize and promote Livingstone CDC to gather sponsors and donations from businesses, individuals, etc.